Retire With Dignity?

Lately many people in their late 40s to early 50s have been heard saying… “I will be working until I die.”
This statement left me in a state of sad silence, I had no response.

But now, after thinking about it a bit, these thoughts came to mind.

In the past, 100 or so years back, the majority of working people did just that. They worked until they died or became too fragile or ill to continue working. These were standard living conditions.
And then, visionaries such as the Roosevelt’s came into power. Wealthy men that had the vision to see the plight of working people in this bountiful country we live in.

Both Theodore and Franklin spent their time in power working to alleviate the suffering of the working masses and were loved by a vast majority of Americans.
Their actions gave seniors the hope and expectation of being able to retire with dignity. And those hopes and expectations were achieved and enjoyed for many years.

Additional support for retiring with dignity came from unions joining hands and forcing the oligarchs of the day to provide defined benefit pension plans for the people that did the actual work that created the product/service that brought profits to the company.

The good years for working people began their decline under the voodoo economics of “St. Ronnie”. And the attacks on working people continue to this day.

And so my friends nearing retirement age, if you wish to again enjoy the benefits of retirement with dignity, come join us. Join us in supporting both the candidates and the unions that work for the people.
Working together, we can win back our country and our dignity!


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