Students of the world are fuming with unrest!

Occupy Central
The umbrella revolution makes its next move.
Students in Honk Kong have taken to the streets in protest of Beijing’s control of local government. Originally this protest was met with strong arm tactics from Beijing, tear gas and pepper spray. This action brought more protestors to the streets. The students are using umbrellas to fend off the pepper spray and so far this method of protection appears to be working.
Anyone want to venture a guess as to how long before Beijing brings in the troops and the tanks?
The students are protesting Beijing’s declaration that only their appointed delegates may run for elected offices in Hong Kong.

++++Beijing’s actions are quite similar to Michigan’s governor appointing “emergency “managers to run our local communities. And when the people of Michigan voted the emergency manager law out via referendum, the Republicans controlling the state re-wrote the law adding a small spending item to the law making it referendum proof. A sly move used to overturn the will of the people and prevent them from using their rights again.

We are nearing a vote in Michigan where we can and should replace the dictators in Lansing. If this does not work, how long before we have our own umbrella revolution?
Do not be misled by the mainstream media, the youth of the world are fed up with the dictatorial actions of our governments and they are reaching a breaking point.
Additional examples of this angst appear worldwide as the links show.
Mexico City student protest. Students of the National Polytechnical Institute (IPN) are protesting over a new set of internal rules and proposed changes in the school’s curriculums that will downgrade their status as graduates.
Colorado protest High school students in Colorado’s second-largest school district staged a walkout again to demonstrate against proposed changes to a history curriculum. Photograph: RICK WILKING/REUTERS
We can calm the troubled waters by getting officials in our government that work for the people. Join us in doing so, register now and vote!


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