Sunday Morning help needed, Patriotism?

Sinclair Lewis
Went to a few Detroit Tiger baseball games this summer. All games started with the fans standing and singing the national anthem. Patriotic gesture no problem here.
Personally, some discomfort was experienced with the exploitation of our military personal being used in various efforts. Carrying a flag onto the field, singing the anthem or throwing out the first ball.
Having respect and support for our men and women serving our country this should not be construed as being against the troops but rather as against using the troops to pump up pseudo patriotism.
Discomfort was also experienced when those charlatans commonly known as Duck Dynasty were given the honor of throwing out the first pitch.
And then on occasion we have someone lead us in a stand up singing of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. (See quote above) We also sing Take me out to the ballpark and YMCA during this break. Why don’t we sing Woody Guthrie’s This land is your land?
When the Cheney/Bush regime invaded Iraq anyone who spoke out against it was condemned and called unpatriotic.
Now, thanks to main stream media working the public into hysteria over the beheadings, we are again jumping into another WAR in the mid-east. Protesting this action would again define me as being unpatriotic. Well, if that is the case, so be it.
Columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington post has stated “Political Islam cannot be bombed away.” My thoughts exactly.
The neo-cons (McCain, Cheney and O’Reilly to name a few), want boots on the ground. They want the world to adhere to Christian policies/values as demonstrated in America.
Here is a link to a five minute segment from the Bill Maher show. After watching the link tell I wondered if the word Evangelicals could be exchanged with the word Muslims with little or no difference. (See quote above).

And I would still like one of those donuts on the table in the “Up with Steve Kornacki” show.


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