13 Million Jobs Available

That is a statement from this morning’s TV viewing. This was followed by the statement. The most jobs available since 2001.
Wow! Whoop! Happy days are here again!
But wait a minute tell me more, of these 13 million jobs, how many are full time and pay a living wage?
These partial, talking point type statements, are an insult to the intelligence of Americans.
Nothing was mentioned on MSM regarding Walmart’s decision to cut health insurance for 30,000 workers.
A move designed to maintain large profits for America’s richest family. Resulting on the expense of insuring these good people being passed on to hard working people like you and me.
Sometime back a fellow told me about watching people walk by a help wanted sign offering $25 an hour in pay to collect their unemployment checks. It was hard for him to understand that the people that applied for the $25 an hour job were not qualified so they continued to the unemployment office. And the people that were qualified were already working down the street for $35 an hour.
Just another example of many being bamboozled by the MSM, think about it, and then….
Remember in November— Vote straight Democratic ticket!


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