AT&T Fined $105 Million

Well, it appears another mega corporation has been fined for screwing the public. Word is the government will receive 20 million of the fine and the additional 85 million will go to the public. No idea how this will be done. Credits on your bill? Checks or certificates to former subscribers?
Much like the banks, another large corporation gets off with a fine. We must start locking up the people responsible for these crimes against the populace, if we expect them to stop screwing us over.
The manufactures of Red Bull just settled out of court with a promise to give anyone that purchased their product in the last 10-12 years a 10 to 15 dollar certificate to buy more Red Bull.
Seems their claim that Red Bull would give you wings has been proven to be false. They lied to us! Damn, if they can be held accountable for lying what’s next, politicians have to start telling the truth?
To the best of my knowledge the only bankster that got thrown in jail recently was Bernie Madoff. Bernie’s mistake was robbing the rich, if he had just screwed the general public he would probably still be vacationing in the Caribbean and enjoying the good life.
Now a word on these fines. Do not be fooled, they are not a detriment to the banks and corporations, they just consider it a cost of doing business and pass it on to the consumer in the form of higher fees and so on.
The banks and corporations of this world have but one purpose. Their purpose is not to provide any service or product to the masses, their purpose is to maximize profits. Pushing the limits of legality to increase profits is acceptable in their world.
Put em in jail and while we’re at it tax the bums!

Politics is not a spectator sport, get involved! 26 days until midterms have you voted absentee yet?


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