The youth in America/the western world, are they getting it correct?

Recent news reports show young westerners in support of ISIS.
The young man interviewed said he missed the food, the electricity and warm water of the west but he could no longer put up with the hypocrisy, ah the hypocrisy he moaned shaking his head.
He asks “What is a war crime? Two hundred thousand dead is that not a war crime?” He speaks eloquently of the suffering of the masses and his desire to do what he can to eliminate this scourge.
The young men joining in the Jihadist movements in Syria are turning to a common last resort effort in their time of despair, religion. And this religion tells them to do something rather than just accept the atrocities being laid upon them.
Meanwhile Harvard students have been recorded stating America is the biggest threat to world peace.
This disillusionment with America and the western world is real and it will continue to grow until we, as a society, offer the young people some hope for the future.
Offer them a life with opportunities, rather than a life of servitude.
The greed of the few, and the divide and conquer techniques they so successfully use, must be stopped if we expect the youth of America to once again be proud to say “I am an American.”
Listen to the children my friends, they are wise beyond their years.


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