True Story, The police and me

Some 20 odd years ago three black men and I went to Kenosha, Wisconsin for work. We worked at a GM foundry and were sent to one of our customers to deal with some quality problems they were having with our castings.
On our return trip I was driving along at or near the speed limit on I-69 just outside of Lansing, Mi. Off to the right on an on ramp to the expressway sat a state police car. The three men riding with me all spoke at once. “There’s a cop!” Their voices and their body language immediately told me they were becoming more and more tenser as we neared the interchange.
I silently smiled to myself. Having been stopped by the police more times than I remember or would even admit if asked, I saw no reason to slow down or take any other cautionary measures. We cruised on by the interchange with no problem and my travel mates let out a breath of relaxation.
This incident had left my mind almost immediately, but recent events and videos of police stopping minorities brought it back to the forefront of my thinking.
The fear expressed by my fellow travelers did indeed have a real to life base.
Do not read this as a condemnation of police. The large majority of police are decent humans and deserve our support in the risky jobs they perform daily.
There is however, a small minority that do not act as good citizens when it comes to treatment of minorities. These “bad apples” must be weeded out as a beginning step in improving race relations in this country.
When Barack Obama was elected President I naively thought this would be good for race relations in America. If a black man could be President, many would accept the fact that blacks are also “created equal” in this country. Facts show my naivety to be shining brightly, racism has gotten worse since Obama’s election with white supremacy and other hate groups multiplying extensively.
If we vote, we win! Do so!


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