Africa/Ebola WTH?

Turning on the televison brings nothing but fear mongering regarding Ebola. Both broadcast stations and cable news stations are “creating” news regarding this situation.

And of course the politicians are having a heyday with the situation. Republicans, as is their wont, are blaming everything on Obama.
Democrats in this midterm election period are doing their best to distance themselves from Obama while still expressing their concern about the impending “doomsday” event.
The virus stems from Africa and has been around for years. Interesting to note the fact that thousands of Africans have been inflicted and died from this disease and very little was said in the MSM in America but, two American citizens get infected and Viola! Congressional hearings must be held this problem will be stopped.
Michigan Representative Upton “People are scared we need all hands on deck.”
Hate to burst your bubble Representative but you are one of the people creating this fear in the people.

Africa has been ignored for years there have been genocides and atrocities going on in Africa for years and nary a word from anyone in America.
There is much talk of creating a vaccine for Ebola. Really? We all know just basic help like potable water would do much to improve health issues in Africa. And consequently reduce the possibilities of this type of event occurring again.


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