This particular incident took place way back when Rick DeVos was running for governor of Michigan in 2006.
Word came out that DeVos’ wife Betsy was coming to Saginaw where she would speak with local Republicans at their headquarters on Bay Road.
Betsy DeVos was at one time head of Michigan’s Republican Party and is remembered for her statement. “The problem with Michigan is the workers in Michigan are paid too much.” She has tried to spin this and walk away from the statement but it has been documented as being her words.
So you can imagine the interest many of us “workers” had in welcoming her to Saginaw. We created our signs and gathered at Republican headquarters; prepared to show our dislike of her dislike of working people.
We were milling around outside when some people came out of headquarters. They were somewhat upset with us being there. One older man was quite outspoken, he asked us “what are we doing over here? Why don’t you go back to the other side of the river where you belong?”
Saginaw is divided east and west by a river with the east being predominately black. The Republican headquarters is in a township on the west side of town.
Our group of 20 to 30 people consisted of people of all ages from say 7 to 70 years old, and included whites, blacks and Hispanics. Don’t know how the others felt about that dudes statement but it angered me.
When his remark got no response he continued with “I fought for this country.”
Well that was it, I had heard all I could stand from this arrogant bastard.
*“So did I” I exclaimed loudly to him followed by “And my son-in-law just got back from his third tour in Iraq.”
He turned tail and went back into the office, he may still be in there for all I know.
Don’t know if Betsy was called and warned or what but she did not show up.
• I have never served in the military but felt doing what I was doing at the time was in fact, fighting for this country.
The Republicans in this state still abide by the guidelines of Betsy DeVos’ statement. Workers are paid too much.
Remember in November!


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