Another Confrontation?

Young Man at the Door
Young man just came to my door asking me to vote for his brother. I told him I had already voted and did not vote for his brother. I then pointed to the sign in my yard indicating my support for the Democratic Party. He expressed dismay at my decision to support Democratic candidates.
This led to a short discussion of the values of Democrats vs. the values of Republicans.
He asked me why he should have to pay for pre-natal care and vision coverage in his health insurance when he did not plan on giving birth.
I told him for the same reason I pay school taxes and do not go to school or have children in school, it is the right thing to do for our society. He seemed to have difficulty grasping the thought of doing for others. Typical Republican greed, thought I.
Telling him that we are the only advanced country in the world that does not provide health care to its citizens. He replied health care is not a right it is a privilege. More Republican greed?
I pointed out to him that when I used to go to Florida in the winter and the Canadians down there all expressed satisfaction with their government health care.
The fact that Canada is more left wing socialist than the U.S. and Mexico is more right wing capitalist than the U.S. was agreed upon.
I then told him the socialist from Canada were in Florida in their big Motorhomes enjoying the warmth while the capitalists from Mexico were in Florida picking oranges.
He smiled, thanked me for my time and told me to watch for him as he would be running for state representative in the next few years.
It was a fun thing.
Remember in November and vote out the GREED!


2 thoughts on “Another Confrontation?

  1. Good to see you gave it a crack in trying to engage in a logical discussion with him. Pity he could not be swayed, but, each to their own!


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