A Good Visit with the Doctor this morning

Went to the Doctor’s office this morning for my semi-annual monitoring visit and my flu shot. After checking my physical condition we talked about general feelings. How ya doing? Are you keeping busy and so on?
Doctor was made aware of my political activity as I told him I was spending mornings at the local Democratic headquarters answering the phone, greeting visitors and providing them with signs or whatever else I could do to help them out.
Doc told me of his interest in politics and asked me what candidate most people wanted to know about. I told him Mark Schauer the candidate for governor gets the most requests for signs, many people come in expressing their desire to rid the state of our current governor.
I then told him about candidate Jeff Holmes. A doctor from Alma Michigan who is running for the 4th district representative seat. A seat formerly held by Dave Camp; a seat in a highly gerrymandered district.
Dr. Holmes had given a very good perspective on “Obamacare” in a brief speech I had listened to a couple weeks back and I shared this information with my doctor.
He replied by telling me he cannot begin to count the people he has been able to provide care for now that prior to the ACA did not come to him for financial reasons, and the people that were now able to receive procedures that were too expensive before the act was implemented.
The doctor told me I was in good shape for the shape I was in and told me not to forget to vote. 😉
So another medical doctor affirmed to me the benefits afforded the people through the affordable care act. Good news for sure!
14 days don’t forget to vote!


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