Who do you trust?

Really, who do you trust? Watching various shows on the television this morning I see stories about putting a healthy nurse in quarantine in New Jersey. This action received the support of both New Jersey and New York governors. Political actions that truthfully serve no purpose to protect the people.
The nurse was let out of the quarantine tent and allowed to go home where she can impose a condition of self-monitoring and seek professional help if the need should arise. This release came about after she threatened to sue in federal court.
The Ebola situation in Africa is serious and will be addressed, if we let the experts do their job.
The media is telling us America is in a state of fear. Are we really, or is this media induced fear?
It saddens me to see the politicians use this catastrophe for political gain and the Main Stream Media use it to improve ratings.
The nurse that just returned and was held in a quarantine tent should have been welcomed home as a hero just like returning military. The treatment she received was shameful, all for political gain.
This mistreatment of American citizens must be stopped and it can be if we throw out the corrupt politicians.
Here are a couple of sites we can use to fight this corruption:
And here I a couple of politicians I think would work for the people vs. the corporate powers.
Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren
The Republican supporters, Koch brothers, DeVos, and so on have the big bucks but they only have one vote each.
In the voting booth we are ALL equal, use your power November 4th!


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