Grandpa Blames the Republicans for Everything

It was recently brought to my attention that one of my grandsons expressed this to his mother. I am sure this young man with a mind of his own and a survivor attitude would have no problem telling me the same thing. So, sharing this information should not be construed as a betrayal in the form of divulging confidential information.
Having said that, let me post a blog where credit is given to Republicans. Let me share some things the Republicans have done for us.
At the state level the first thing that comes to mind is their changing in the tax laws. Giving the rich and large corporations tax breaks while raising taxes on the poor and seniors. This is something we can give them credit for. It is well known that the rich and large corporations need more money and poor folks have made it this far, they don’t need any more government handouts! Retired folk just waste their money going to casinos, better they give it to the state where it can be put to good use.
We can give credit to state Republicans for their work in decimating the unions, everyone knows unions are just a communist gang.
At the national level we want to give a shout out to the Republicans for promoting WAR as a solution to any and all international problems. The military-industrial complex creates many decent paying jobs and WAR has always been good for the economy.
We can also thank national Republicans for putting ACORN out of business, everyone knows low income folks should not be allowed to vote. Actually we should go back to our countries original laws and restrict voting to white men that own land.
We can give them credit for fighting against the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act. Again, everyone knows women are the lesser sex and should be paid accordingly.
There are numerous additional issues the Republicans should be given credit for but this is running long.
So in conclusion young man, yes we can and should give the Republicans credit for many things.


2 thoughts on “Grandpa Blames the Republicans for Everything

  1. Don’t forget to give them credit for fighting the EPA. When we live din the Detroit area pre-EPA, i was unbelievable how much smog was in the air. Even in my polluted, but much smaller hometown, I hadn’t seen anything like it. The air literally stung your eyes; and the sun was some kind of weird color trying to shine through the smog.


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