My Exploits as an undercover agent this summer

Those of us that follow politics with a passion may remember the instance last summer when a couple young college students were caught recording a meeting of Schauer supporters.
This was depicted as dirty tricks and despicable actions on the internet. Do not know if it ever made it to the MSM but many Democratic supporters worked to make it a major issue.
Personally, I paid it no heed, this is normal politics and should be expected. And of course my personal actions also had bearing on my opinion of the supposed “nasty” activity by the other party.
You see early last summer I was contacted by a fellow Democrat asking if I would be willing to take part in an event in one of our neighboring counties. A Republican official was holding a public event and I was asked if I would attend as an opposing viewer.
As always my response was hell yes, if I still have Oxygen in my tank and my blood ox remains over 90, I am in. I was instructed to meet someone at a local restaurant one hour prior to the event where I would receive further instructions.
Meeting this young man led to him providing me with a recording device and instructions to get a statement from the candidate regarding off shore drilling and fracking. The recording device was to be hidden in my pocket with assurances that it would pick up any statements by the candidate. They were trying to get a Mitt Romney 47 percent statement from this guy.
Ooooh! I was hesitant at this, not what I had expected. The young man told me I did not have to do it if I did not want to. I told him this was a little beyond my normal hell raising methods and tactics. But, after giving it some thought and knowing how much I disliked the things this candidate had done, I said I would do this dastardly deed.
The project went smoothly.
The event was actually a meeting for senior citizens where the candidate and his staff were helping seniors in understanding the dangers faced daily. From internet scammers to unscrupulous salesmen and so on. A nice public service activity.
Shortly into the presentation a staffer told us the senator had to leave for a meeting in Lansing but they could/would carry on without him. I immediately sprang into action, and followed the senator and his aid into the exit hallway.
I approached the senator and began by complimenting him on the law he had recently passed. (a law I actually despised.)
I then asked him the first of two questions. His response was totally opposite of what I was looking for so I prodded him a bit more trying to get him to say what I wanted to hear. I told him I was concerned about the high cost of energy and being on a fixed income I was hoping these actions would help keep the costs down. He remained steadfast in his convictions, he was against off shore drilling and fracking would not receive his support until further studies proved the safety of such actions.
He then said he really had to go but I should go back into the seminar and give my name to a member of his staff so he could keep me up to date with goings on in Lansing.
I told him my tank was running out of Oxygen and I would go to my car to get a fresh one if I had brought one with me.
I then went back to my contact person and reported that the mission had failed. I told him the recording contained nothing we/he could use. He thanked me for my efforts and said he would listen to the recording and see if he could dig anything useful out of it.
I was called later in the year by the same person asking if I could perform my duties again.
While I know this goes on all the time by both parties, I politely refused to be a part of it again.
It was kind a fun but, I will leave the skullduggery to others from now on.


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