Patriotic Fervor


With the recent beheadings of citizens of our great country, a patriotic fever began to rise in America. Add in the Bill Maher statement last week, something along the lines of all Muslims are evil, and the fever rises.
Yesterday being Veterans Day relieves the pain a bit as we all post thank yous to the brave veterans of America’s wars. This gives us a feeling of comfort as we have performed our patriotic duty.

And then, this morning I see Iraqi troops are struggling to maintain control of Iraq’s largest OIL REFINERY in Baiji Iraq.
Well that does it, damn, we must protect the OIL REFINERIES from those evil bastards.
I contacted the U.S. Department of WAR this morning. I told them to sign me up. Sign me up as a drone pilot. I am too old to do any physical fighting but, I play on the computer a lot and can fly a drone for them.
We’ll show those “effin” terrorists where the bear shit in the woods.
Damn, really mad now, put me in coach I’m ready to kill!
But alas, after a few minutes they told me: Being a drone pilot probably wasn’t going to work for me as I was on the list of possible future targets.
Ah…. the pain!!!


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