Conversing with Republicans

Recently had some discussions with a couple of Republicans of my acquaintance.
One a male college graduate around 50 years old, the other a female in her 40s with some advanced education but not a full college degree.
Both are republicans and proud of it.
The lady lives in a rural area and is married with children, she is mentioned in this blog for only one thing.
While in her presence my phone signaled a text message. I jokingly told her, “excuse me but I have to get this, it may be President Obama”
She immediately replied “Shoot him, if it’s Obama, shoot him.” I looked at her in disbelief and she continued. “I don’t like Obama and I don’t like Hillary either.”
Unfortunately the interchange ended at that point as the male entered the area and took control of the conversation.
I am still trying to determine where this otherwise normal female would express such a vile thought. Does this come from watching Fox or is it something she gets from her church? If I see this lady again I will ask her if she attends church and what church. I do know some folks that attend the church that Sarah Palin attends (Assembly of God?) and they seem to have a hatred for our President Obama.
I had a more lengthy discussion with the man and will post that tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Conversing with Republicans

  1. It’s scary that they would say such a thing. I loathed Bush, seriously looooaaathed the man, but I would never say publicly, or privately for that matter, that he should be shot. Arrested, sure, but shot? Never.

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  2. I have several relatives in southeastern Ohio who live in very small towns. They are all committed Christians and Committed Republicans with all the anger that goes with this combination. They see no contradiction in hating Obama’s (and Michelle’s) guts while posting Christian slogans about love on my FB page. Placed in context with my late parents’ ardent Republicanism I think that a lot of their beliefs are based on a Republican Party of the past. Today, they are mentally back in the days of Eisenhower Republicanism. My mother told me of how my grandfather was absolutely over the moon when women got the vote in 1920 because he had 3 daughters whom he directed to “vote Republican.” They did and continued to do so until their deaths, never questioning their party’s beliefs. Do some people need a scapegoat to displace their anger onto? Do some people have a deep need to be told what to do and think about their lives, bodies, beliefs? I rather believe they do. These relatives of mine, who I would dearly love to be friends with, might as well speak Urdu. We have little to no common bridge of communication. Sad, but there’s no sense shouting about it. Perhaps living in such a small town all their lives has a lot to do with it. They want to fit in, to be accepted and they would be like lepers if they challenged the status quo.

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