Continuing the conversation with a Republican

Yesterday I shared something from a lady Republican and promised to share my discussion with the man today.
Background information. This man is a college educated professional with his own business.
We first talked politics prior to the mid-term elections. He told me he agrees with many Democratic values, free speech and so on. But he votes Republican for tax purposes. He is of the opinion that Republicans tax him less than Democrats. This may be true for a business man but, I have been paying taxes all my life and do not remember getting any special breaks from either party.
What they give from one hand they take away with the other hand.
Now here is something that piqued my interest.
After the Republicans took a firm grasp on our government at both state and national levels, this guy seemed to be pulling away from his support of Republicans. He said it really doesn’t make much difference who is in charge, the government itself is the problem. Yesterday he was pro Republican, today he is just anti-government. He is glad that his “team” is in charge but does not want to take any responsibility for what happens next. Appears he is hedging his bets expecting the Republicans to really screw things up.
He uttered a few comments critical of the affordable health care act. Telling me we were soon going to be waiting in line like they do in Canada. Telling me Medicare is responsible for the increase in healthcare costs and the restricted payments given to doctors will result in an exodus of doctors.
I told him of two medical doctors that have told me they are happy with the affordable care act and the results of the act.
In an effort to give him another perspective on medical care in the U.S. I then told him to hold his nose and watch the movie “Sicko” by Michael Moore. He told me he hates Michael Moore. When asked why he said because Moore is a millionaire and he criticizes millionaires, he is a hypocrite. I told him so what? Moore does not condemn anyone for being successful in their career and becoming a millionaire.
In listening to this guy I get the impression he is sharing opinions as facts. Next time I will pin him to the wall and ask for any kind of documentation for his opinions.
Health care costs going up because of Medicare?
Canadians waiting in line for health care?
These opinions became facts because of years of subtle propaganda. We must be on constant lookout to expose this bs and call the propagandists at every instance.


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