And she continues her slide, further and further from reality

The lady tells me of the untimely deaths of 3 individuals. All three died at a young age (35-42) under suspicious conditions. And most important, all three were outspoken, vocal critics of Obama! Not President Obama, just Obama.
Is there a conspiracy and cover up going on here? Who is silencing these people and why? The plot thickens, stay tuned for further developments!!!
She then shares with me her happiness that her state has not been as silly as to pass any medical marijuana laws. There are plenty of legally prescribed drugs to handle pain.
This is followed by the joy of not allowing gay marriage in her state.
At this point I want to ask her what possible physical or financial pain she would suffer if gays were allowed to marry. But sensing an almost delusional, Sarah Palin type personality emerge, I remain silent.
The conversation turns to lighter fare, movies we have seen and their impact on us.
Still in the back of my mind lays a question. Where does she get this stuff? This stuff is too weird for even Fox news to be getting away with. Does she get it from her circle of friends? Does she get it from her church? Or perhaps she is just on the email list of WHACKOS-R-US?


5 thoughts on “And she continues her slide, further and further from reality

  1. This is followed by the joy of not allowing gay marriage in her state.

    So, she believes in traditional biblical marriage:

    One man and his sister
    One man and his dead brother’s wife
    One man and one woman and her servants.
    One man and his rape victim
    One man and many women
    One man and 700 women and 300 concubines
    One man and one woman and her slaves
    One man and his virgin prisoners

    …Just not one man and one man. That would be immoral.


  2. I have a long history of participation in civil rights issues & demonstrations and I still did not realize the depth of racism still remaining in the US. in my opinion, it has assumed psychotic proportions. The disregard for our elected president and even for the most basic rights of citizens are flagrant. It seems to me that we are moving toward a militarized country which may be the motivating force behind all of the mindless right wing hate-mongering. I really believe that there are parallels to Germany in the 1930’s and the US today. I know that this is hardly an original observation, but the right wing deflection of all blame onto “libtards”, the xenophobic hatred of foreigners and those who are not white “Christians”, the acceptance of torture and imprisonment of any who deviate from their twisted logic may be a foreshadowing of horrifying things yet to come. On a somewhat different note, I am going to attend a showing of the movie “Citizen Koch” in December at my church. This is the movie that the Koch cartel forced PBS not to screen because it exposed how corrupt the Kochs are. I wish that PBS hadn’t yielded, but the Kochs are heavy contributers to cash-strapped PBS which used to receive government funding like the BBC until the right-wing vigilantes changed that. “Citizen Koch” is now available on DVD and in some libraries and maybe Netflix.


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