Ten years ago I was looking for a part time job

Something that would help me in the expenses of going south for the cold winters. Maintaining what amounts to two households is not inexpensive.
I read something in the local paper about getting part time work at a big box store where you could work in the north in the summer and transfer to southern stores in the winter. Follow the crowds so to speak.
So I went to Walmart and got on the computer and spent the better part of an hour filling out a questioner for employment. Upon completion the result came back stating I was not qualified to work at Walmart. A friend sarcastically commented that I did not qualify because I had all my front teeth.
The questioner was full of psychological questions: If you see two employees arguing in the back room you should…. 1. break It up, 2. Ignore it, 3. Report it to a supervisor. And so on.
Figuring I had failed to answer these questions correctly I went home and had a friend that had worked 20 some years in retail answer the questions. And to my surprise my application was again rejected as being not qualified. I said to hell with it and eventually went to work as a tax preparer for a large corporation.
Now, today I find this in a story regarding education in Michigan.
“Walmart admits that the reason they are so interested in education is that they are having trouble finding qualified entry level employees. If these words came from NASA or Apple or Microsoft, these words might be encouraging.

    But for Walmart, an educated workforce can negatively impact their bottom line. Educated employees tend to expect more money and better benefits than most entry level employees at Walmart earn.

Emphasis mine.
I guess I should have lied about my education level.
For the complete story regarding Michigan Education check this link.


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