Anyone old enough to remember John F. Kennedy as President of the United States

May recall the fear many Americans had at the time of having the Pope in Rome running the United States versus the President in Washington D.C,
Candidate Kennedy put these fears to rest in Houston Texas, where he spoke to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association.
This speech removed the fears of many and John F. Kennedy was eventually elected president of the United States.
Link to speech….
Now some 54 years later it appears the Catholics have indeed taken over the running of these United States of America.
They did so by sliding through the side door when no one was looking. They gained control of the United States Supreme Court and consequently have issued rulings that coincide with Catholic Doctrine.
The Hobby Lobby birth control case being the most spoken about such case.
There is another case entering the courts in Fort Wayne Indiana that will again test the powers of church over state.
The church has claimed they do not even have to go to trial to defend their decision to fire a worker for violating their religious teachings.
The church claims going to trial would violate their religious freedoms.
This case is currently in the 7th circuit court of appeals, if it reaches the Supreme Court it may well be a win for the church. And our progress to becoming a theocratic plutocracy would continue.
Here is a link to more details of the case…
IMHO the current Pope would not be too fond of the U.S. Supreme Court and their decisions. He may even want to excommunicate the justices 😉 What do you think?


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