Ray Rice is cleared by judge

Lady of my acquaintance expressed dismay at this news. “It’s okay to beat your girlfriend/wife, you can still play in the NFL.” What a sorry state of affairs she said.
Digging deeper we find that in America it is okay to start a confrontation with an unarmed teen and end the confrontation with a bullet killing said teen. Travon Martin being the teen in this case.
In America it is okay to use excessive force to stop a teen in his tracks. Michael Brown the teen in this case.
In both cases the killer was able to convince the jury/grand jury that he was the victim. You be the judge here.
While the slaying of an unarmed teen in Salt Lake City by a police officer was quietly dismissed by the local prosecutor with little or no national exposure, it was another case of excessive force being used by one who is supposed to serve and protect. Dillon Taylor the teen in this case.
All these instances are displays of what this country has devolved to.
Jason Johnson has an excellent opinion piece on CNN explaining in detail the failures of our society, link to follow.
Meanwhile, the main stream media is focusing on the riots in Ferguson completely overlooking what is really going on in this once great country, (perhaps the world) stirring the pot of racism to keep the public’s focus off the real issue here.
Read the piece by Johnson and then tell me the riots are the problem.
Have to get the oil changed now, have another great day friends.


2 thoughts on “Ray Rice is cleared by judge

  1. Officer Darren Wilson received $500,000 from ABC to do an exclusive one on one interview. He also received at least $500,000 in donations. He’s now a millionaire for killing a black man.

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