Are the lights still out in Georgia?

“That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia
That’s the night that they hung an innocent man”
The song itself has an interesting back story; per Wikipedia
Song writer Bobby Russell wrote both the lyrics and the music but he did not like the song and would not produce a demo record.
Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnet’s sidekick, did a demo and eventually recorded the song after such notables as Cher turned it down. Cher’s manager/husband Sonny Bono thought it might offend her southern fans.
Link to Wikipedia page here for more detail.
Now last Sunday lovely wife and I stopped at a motel in Georgia for the night. We arrived around 6:30 and I turned on the television hoping to catch the last of the Green Bay, New England football game.
To my surprise the local CBS affiliate was broadcasting an infomercial dealing with some sort of gardening efforts.
I quickly grabbed the guide and found there were no other venues available to watch the game.
There were 8 to 10 religious channels available, Fox news, CNN and other channels expected on cable tv. Notably missing were MSNBC and the Comedy network. Nothing to counter act the stuff from Fox and/or CNN.
So my friend it appears to me, that at least in the motel we were staying in, they are trying to keep the lights out in Georgia.
Oh and here is the song as recorded by Vicki Lawrence with some commentary for your enjoyment.


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