Today sadness darkens my heart

This picture was altered to appear as this. The obvious intention to stir racist anger.

Today the truth came into my consciousness. A long- time friend has shown signs of having given up and succumbed to the forces about her.
She was for years a supporting force in the fight for Democratic values. These values may have been something she learned from her father a life-long Democratic supporter. She knew she was in a minority among the many in her realm of activity but she held firm in her convictions.
And now we find her speaking in support of right wing thoughts and attitudes, not shouting from the roof tops, but expressing thoughts in agreement with the right wing.
This comes about from her watching reports on the Ferguson murder and resulting demonstrations.
She is disgusted with the rioting and looting taking place as many are. She does however fail to accept the fact that the actions of a few do not represent the many involved in Ferguson.
She fails to acknowledge that peaceful demonstrations have been going on in Ferguson since the killing took place. This failure comes most likely because the peaceful demonstrations never made the nightly news.
Her thoughts are the result of manipulation by many on the right including such things as editing pictures of demonstrators to make them appear as racist thugs. As pictured above.

My friend very well could be one of the many that have been influenced by such evil actions.
So like I said, sadness weighs heavy in my heart today.


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