“I can’t breathe”

The last words of Eric Garner.
My emotions are running high this morning, I am almost at a loss of what to think about the current conditions in America.
Here we have another case of a black man dying as a result of police actions; with a grand jury deciding not to indict the officer involved. Despite the medical examiners claim the death was a homicide caused by the chokehold applied by the police officer.
And again we have demonstrations, this time in New York City.
In my minimal observation of the demonstrations it appears to be a racially balanced group demonstrating. For whatever that is worth.
One thing that really bothers me about these situations is the vast number of my fellow Americans that accept this action claiming the victim was a “thug” and more or less got what he deserved.
Many of those expressing these thoughts claim to be Christians. Damn, how in the hell can anyone claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ and accept this behavior?
We had a similar incident right here in my home town of Saginaw, Michigan a few years back. In this case a black man that was mentally unstable was gunned down by a group of local police. The case was investigated locally and no criminal charges were made. I believe one officer was disciplined for not following proper police protocol or something along those lines. But no indictment.
I am amazed at the fervor aroused when main stream media shows people being beheaded in the mid-east. Yet when a man is killed on the streets of America by those who are supposed to be here to serve and protect the citizens of this country, the fervor is aimed at the victim and his supporters.
We have a long way to go here, the path is long and treacherous. Will we ever again be the great nation we once were? Or are we destined to be a third world, police state from now on?
Ahh, the agony of it all makes one weep!


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