Theocracy Now?

Theocratic Rule
In a recent conversation with a young (19) single lady the topic of abortion came up.
The young lady told me she would never consider having an abortion, she believed in the sanctity of life and to her having an abortion would be committing murder.
After complimenting her on her values and agreeing with her sanctity of life comment I began to question her “never” statement, mentioning such things as rape and incest. Should abortion be acceptable in such circumstances?
She immediately cut me off, saying. “I meant what I said, however if you are talking about a government law restricting my right to have an abortion, I will go to the wall fighting to preserve my right in this matter.”
A young lady wise beyond her years for sure.
You see my friends, this lady opposes abortion but she is also wise enough to understand that just because one opposes an action or condition one does not have the right to restrict others from taking such actions.
She feels that in most areas of life people should have a free will and mind and decide for themselves what path to follow.
She would do everything possible to convince others to not have an abortion but she would eventually respect the decision made by the person.
As for myself, I accept others religious beliefs and tenets and would fight to death to support their right to live by them. I would also fight to death for my right to not be forced to adhere to their religious beliefs or tenets against my will. The thought of being forced by government to get out my prayer rug and prostrate myself facing Mecca five times daily does not rest well in my mind.
We now have a government that includes many zealots and they are working to impose their religious beliefs on all. Abortion being the big one but smaller items like giving business’s the right to discriminate based on their religious beliefs can or may become a stickler for some.
Watch your elected officials closely my friends, we do not want a Theocracy in America!
If you want to live in a Theocracy, move to Iran!
For a detailed story on what is happening in Michigan go to link…


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