Senate Releases Torture Investigation Report

Ho Hum
Is there anyone out there that is surprised by this report?
If you are, you should not be.
Fox and Limbaugh et all attacked this report with the venom we are accustomed to hearing from them but, Fox,Limbaugh et all have always been bothered by facts.
After 40 some years of hate radio and Fox commentators spewing hatred those actions were to be expected. Not to forget about the so called Christian preachers that also spew hatred from the pulpit on a weekly basis.
Personally my disgust came about 6 years ago when the Democratic Party gained a foothold in our government and let these actions slip from the minds of good people in our country.
I actually thought Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice were going to be called to the wood shed and at least get a reprimand for their atrocious activities. But I was oh so wrong.
President Obama was going to bring us together and let the sins of the past lay fallow in the fields of the past.
Obama was a victim of believing his own rhetoric. He actually thought the country could and would come together again. He failed to recognize the anger Republicans held for him as displayed with their spoken goal of removing him from office.
In years gone by we, as Americans, took pride in being the good guys in the white hats that rescued the damsel in distress. But no more, we are now the torturous, murdering villains we once despised.
Getting social and economic justice for all should be our goal from this day forward.
Let us all join together in seeking a better tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Senate Releases Torture Investigation Report

  1. Democrats have accepted Republican demands to undo banking regulations (what’s left of them) in order to avert a Congressional shutdown. You read that right. The Democrats have once again caved in to Republican demands. This was just announced. This is why we have Guantanamo and CIA torture. To quote the great Irish poet William Butler Yeats in his poem “Second Coming”: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.” Yeats’ prophetic words in this poem describe what has happened in America. We now have a dubiously elected former president who was a simpleton, and a de facto former president who is a psychopath. Where do we go from here?


    • Lesley, and that is the reason we have had The Occupy Movement, The tea party and the apathy so prevalent in America today. Many have given up and just go about their daily lives oblivious to reality. It is up to good people like you, me and many others to light a fire under these people and get them motivated to get involved. Not an easy task but if we give up we too are part of the problem.
      Going to look up that poem now. 🙂


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