Christmas Gift List

Normally this list is not created and completed so early in the year but with all the activities taking place, it should be taken off the plate.
In light of that statement here is my list.
Most Democratic elected officials …. A backbone
Most Republican elected officials….. A heart
President Obama…. Strength in the upcoming year
Mitch McConnell…. Ears that hear from both sides
Harry Reid… A plan
John Boehner…. Control
Nancy Pelosi… Stamina
Rick Snyder…. Eyes that are open
Millennials…. Hope for the future and Involvement in the process
Minorities… Equality
Tea Party… Freedom from the oligarchs that control you
Family and friends…. My love and support in all your efforts.

This is just a brief list of things that come to my mind this morning. Please feel free to add your gift list to these via comments.
Thank you


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