Satanic Group to bring Holiday display to Lansing

Already we see much shock and anger based on this action.
Good people are expressing disgust with this action.
As for me, I have to ask, where do we draw the line on religious freedom?
The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of privately held corporations in their pursuit of using their religious beliefs as a reason to withhold health care benefits from their employees.
The Westboro Baptists routinely picket funerals of our veterans with impunity.
A Florida preacher burns or threatens to burn Qurans based on his religious beliefs.
A religious fanatic in the U.S. shoots and kills a doctor because of his religious beliefs.
And we all remember the angst when they went about building a mosque in New York City.
And those are just a few things I remember in the United States, I am sure you remember others.
We have people in Africa being killed for being gay. This as a result of American proselytizers spreading their hate.
In Pakistan religious fanatics invade a school and kill over 100 children.
In the mid-east religious wars rage on with beheadings and poison gasses.
When does this stop and where does it end?
Here is a link to video regarding the satanic display in Lansing…
How about today as a gesture of goodwill we all hug a member of another faith or even another ethnic background?
Let us all work to make the world a more loving place.
Enough of this religious hatred already!


4 thoughts on “Satanic Group to bring Holiday display to Lansing

  1. This is my really bad analogy, but my first thought was of parents who allow their children to raise hell in public, scream on airplanes, eat whatever they want, etc. all in the name of free expression. We are a curious nation with jack-booted police assaulting unarmed citizens, satanic rituals instead of Christmas displays, and people just plain out of control – self- control. I think we need a new and closer definition of First Amendment rights — but not from this Supreme Court.

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