“Socialism O Muerte”

And the right wing bias of the main stream media was evident again last night.
Scott Pelley of CBS news’s 60 minutes spent some time in Cuba for his piece on the change in U.S. relations with Cuba.
Pelley made it a point to point out the dismal living conditions in Communist Cuba. Displaying the food coupons given to everyone each month and explaining how the coupons would only provide enough food for about 10 days.
He also displayed the above motto “socialism o muerte” painted on walls more than once during the segment.
This, not too subtle reference to the woes of living in a socialistic/communistic society, is just another example of the control of our media by the oligarchs of the world.
Why don’t they have a segment showing the benefits of living in a socialist society of the following countries?
• China
• Denmark
• Finland
• Netherlands
• Canada
• Sweden
• Norway
• Ireland
• New Zealand
• Belgium
Iink to source….
Or better yet why don’t they have a segment on poverty in America?
They could show signs painted on walls stating “Capitalism is King”
Then they could interview the people that are receiving $15 a month in food stamps.
They could talk about how child poverty is among the worst in developed countries in America.
Come on CBS and 60 minutes and Scott Pelley, give us the complete story, enough of this right wing bullshit.
Link to poverty in America data…..


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