The Easy Chair

Frequently get into texting discussions with a brother that lives 100 miles south of me here in Michigan. He is kind of a smart alecky guy and tries to get under my skin on various topics.
One day I mentioned to him that I was sitting back in my easy chair relaxing. Well, he went ballistic on me. “What the hell are you talking about easy chair?” he texted me. “That phrase hasn’t been used in years, they are recliners.”
Well I tried to use reason with him, telling him it has been a custom for years for a man to come home after a hard day’s work, sit back in his easy chair and relax. He insists on using the term designed by marketeers in the furniture industry and call it a recliner. Stubborn brother he is.
This debate has carried on for months now. I frequently use the acronym RIMECLMAO. Rolling In My Easy Chair Laughing My Ass Off, when I want to bug him just a bit.
Today I went so far as to provide him the link to the Eagles song “Take it Easy”

I told him to listen to the song. They don’t sing “take it reclining”, they sing “take it easy”.
If you happen to see my brother on the street, tell him to “take it easy.”
Thanks, and have a good day my friends.


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