Just “funnin” today

Meanwhile at Penn GSE
While working on obtaining their doctorate in linguistics at Penn GSE, students are working on developing a new swear word. We are all familiar with damn, hell and shit but this word has been so overused and abused that it is now imperative that the students create a profanity to replace the overused “fuck”.
This profanity once held high esteem amongst English speaking cursers worldwide. However once Hollywood became aware of the shock value of the word, they not only used if profusely but actually abused the word. There was a time when the use of this word meant something. You weren’t screwing around dammit, you were dead serious about the point being made. Now it has been diminished to just another aw shucks or geeze word.
The word has reached the level of commonality only previously achieved by phrases, such as “have a nice day” and “ya know”.
Not since Rhett Butler’s “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn”, has a phrase or word been so overused and abused in American communications.
So my friends, please join me in wishing the students well in their pursuit.
Have a nice day. 😉
Link to school where you can get your doctorate in linguistics.


4 thoughts on “Just “funnin” today

  1. Speaking as someone with 2 graduate degrees in applied linguistics from Columbia University, I speak with a modicum of authority and I question the soundness of the Penn GSE graduate doctoral program in linguistics. Swear words are highly contextualized and culture specific. and they are continually evolving. In England, if I say, “bloody” someone is sure to respond “language!” meaning that I should watch my language since “bloody” is considered a swear word. Say “bloody” in this country and someone hands you a band aid. Watch toddlers at play, and they will use toddler swear words like ‘poopy” and fall down laughing at their daring. Anyway, to cut this short, I think this Ph.D. thesis is an exercise in futility and reflects badly on the quality of a graduate program that accepts it. According to linguistics maven Steven Pinker there are five possible functions of swearing: Abusive swearing, Cathartic swearing, Dysphemistic swearing, Emphatic swearing, and Idiomatic swearing!!! So ….. there’s a whole lot of swearing going on!

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