“We Want Our Country Back!”

This phrase has been heard frequently from tea party folk.
As an old fart, I ask “What country are you referring to?”
Are you speaking of the country of my youth, the late 50s and the early 60s?
The country where a man could work 40 hours a week and provide for himself and his family.
The country where the government was working to serve and protect ALL the people.
The country where young boys played baseball together in public parks and school yards.
Or based on current actions in the United States perhaps you are referring to even further back.
The country of 100 or so years back.
A country that had an environment that brought on the poems/songs such as “Strange Fruit”.

In 1999, Time magazine called this song the song of the century.
A recent study from Princeton suggests we no longer live in a Democracy, we are now living in an oligarchy where the wealthy few make the rules.
Based on this study and the recent actions by some police in this country, it appears we are in dire need for another “song of the century”.
And in conclusion I have to ask my tea party friends, what country is it that you want back?
Enjoy the song and think about what you really want for our once great country.


5 thoughts on ““We Want Our Country Back!”

  1. Oops, hit send before I finished. I want a country free of nincompoops who think they have the slightest concept of democracy. Can anyone even define the meaning of democracy, and if so – on what planet does it describe so called bastions of democracy? Holy crap, my head hurts! Happy New Year and keep up the fight 🙂


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