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Paul contradicted Jesus on many key points
Sorry if this video creates stress in your mind but, I thought this should be shared.
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This is the story of Juan

Juan was born in 1985 in a small community in southwestern Michigan.
When Juan graduated high school in 2003 he immediately joined the military. His mother and father were somewhat distraught by this decision.
They had watched him grow from a rambunctious toddler into an adolescent with normal adolescent problems. And then to a slightly rebellious teen. He got into no more trouble than the average teen of his time but, he did get into trouble. Just enough to keep mom and dad on the edge of losing it. 😉
Juan had a high school sweetheart, Connie. Connie was extremely distraught with the news. She had expected to eventually marry Juan. They would have a family and a little house with a white picket fence and live happily ever after. Perhaps a childhood fairy tale.
Juan’s proudest achievement in high school wasn’t the fact that he played point guard for the varsity basketball team. No, his proudest achievement was working at the chicken place after school and saving enough money to buy a 1997 Chevrolet Impala SS. Juan loved his car and he and Connie spent many a night on the back roads of their small community doing what teenagers in love do best.
Connie’s parents looked on these late night drives with trepidation, Juan’s not so much. Must have been the old sexist thought “boys don’t get pregnant.”
Both sets of parents loved their children and enjoyed them immensely.
Now, Juan was to graduate from high school, and his parents were happy, he was showing the maturity of a young adult and they hoped to continue watching him grow into complete manhood.
So as mentioned, they were somewhat distraught when he told them he was joining the military. He was leaving just as he became a true joy to be with again.
But, it was only a few years since 9/11 and Juan felt it was his duty to go and fight for his country.
“My sweetest Consuela, do not worry I will go and serve my country and return to your open arms.” Juan whispered in her ear as he kissed her goodbye. Connie wept, not all too silently.
It wasn’t but 3 months later when the MPs came to the house. They brought the bad news families of military men and women lay awake at night fearing.
At 19 years of age Juan is dead.
They told the family Juan had died in battle fighting for his country and is a hero. And the family wept.
Later some members of the platoon Juan was with on his fateful day will offer some sketchy details of his death. They say he was on foot behind an armored Humvee when an IED blew up, knocking him unconscious to the ground. Small arms fire was coming from the surrounding buildings and the driver slammed the vehicle into reverse running over Juan causing instant death.
Juan’s body was returned to the family under the cover of silence.
The pentagon encouraged patriotic demonstrations when troops left for the war and also when they returned after their tour. Demonstrations with flags waving, bands playing and perhaps even local television coverage.
But returning corpses came back in silence, bad PR for sure.
There was a military funeral for Juan with all the pomp and circumstance ending with the folded flag being handed to a sobbing mother. Connie wept with her. Dad held them both close in sharing their grief.
But, Juan is dead.
As time goes by people learn to live with their losses and go on with their lives.
But not Juan, Juan is dead. And Juan will be dead forever. Juan will not be coming back, not tomorrow, not the next day or even the next year, Juan is gone forever.
In the summer the family gets together for their Fourth of July picnic. They have a good time, they eat potato salad and hot dogs and beans. They play games and light sparklers and fireworks.
Juan will never have potato salad and hot dogs and beans again, Juan will never play games again or light sparklers and fireworks. Juan is dead.
Juan will never return to Connie’s open arms, Juan is dead.
Juan will never experience the joy of waiting for Connie as she walks down the aisle, Juan is dead.
Juan will never have a little house with a white picket fence, Juan is dead.
Juan will never push his child on a swing in the playground, Juan is dead.
Juan will never teach his son to hit a baseball or catch a pass, Juan is dead.
Juan will never experience the joy of watching his children grow to adulthood, Juan is dead.
Juan will not be able to say goodbye to his parents as they leave this world, Juan is dead.
Yes my friends, at 19 years old Juan has experienced all the joys and agonies of life he will ever experience, Juan is dead and he is dead forever.

CBS’s 60 Minutes

This used to be a fun show to watch, a “good” show. Back in the day they used to expose both individuals and corporations that were acting against the welfare of mankind.
But alas, they have been taken over by the media giants that control all or at least most of what we as consumers are fed on a daily basis.
Sunday evening was a prime example of the controlling forces. Scott Pelley gave us an interview with Speaker of the house John Boehner and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.
A response to President Obama’s state of the union address. A response where the leaders were given softball questions with an opportunity to put their spin on all points made by the president. With no rebuttal to their obscene statements.
One point that really bothered me was when Boehner said something along the lines of “president Obama failed to get the message from last November where Republicans were overwhelmingly voted in” a suggestion that the people have spoken.
Pelley let this slide, failing to mention the fact that in last November’s election the Democratic Party received more votes than the Republican Party. It is only through gerrymandering and voter suppression that the Republican’s gained seats in congress and the senate.
As of this morning the only broadcaster from either the right or the left that I have heard calling out this lie is Melissa Harris Perry. Watch the clip here….

And here is a brief clip of last night’s segment where Pelley lets the twosome rant on unquestioned.

    What a shame this show has become!

Have a warm day today my friends and best wishes to the good people of Greece and their vote for independence from the Oligarchs!

Attacking the Sacred Cow of America

The military!!!
Damn you and your unpatriotic thoughts. Support our troops, where is your patriotism?
And the chastisement goes on and on.

Here is a fact for you to chew on a bit.
By all standard measurements we, Americans, lost the last two wars we were involved in. How does that sound? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Or do you, like most Americans, just ignore it and go on with you flag waving patriotism?

Come on my friends, if you really want to support our troops call your congress critter and tell them to stop putting our troops in harm’s way for another senseless war. CALL them, a call is much more effective than an email. A call requires contact with a real person or at the very least it requires a real person listen to the voicemail and do something.
You can find their numbers here….

I am posting this with the expectation of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the U.S. Congress and instilling the desire for war in their befuddled minds.


“The American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can’t win.”

By James Fallows in the most recent issue of The Atlantic Magazine

Everyone should read this article, it has numerous thought provoking words of wisdom.

Read full article here….

Frogs Predict Pregnancy

This piqued my interest enough to share.
Here is an interesting fact I heard on PBS this afternoon.
The segment was actually about the extinction of different species in the world. One of the commentators told of amphibians being the first to go. She mentioned a few places that used to be abundant with frogs and now nary a frog can be found in those places.
She went on to talk about a type of frog that was used as a pregnancy test with great success. And unlike mice and rabbits, the frogs did not have to be killed to get the results.
Anyway the frogs were shipped round the world for this use. Now they suspect this type of frog carries a fungus that is responsible for the death of many frogs.

For more detail on this, here is a link…..

Boehner Seeks Help from Foreign Head of State?


In an unprecedented move, speaker of the house John Boehner has asked for the help of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in corralling his congress critters.

Netanyahu is scheduled to lobby congress in March, does he have to register as a lobbyist for this action?

While this is a breach of protocol, the orange man is not deterred, his efforts at beating the drums of WAR will go on.

Secretary of State John Kerry has communicated from one of Israel’s top security analysts that installing more sanctions would be like throwing a hand grenade into the peace process.

But the Orangeman presses on. Given the number of John Birchers in our government this comes as no surprise.

This action is also expected to give Netanyahu a boost in his upcoming election, but that is just an added bonus for the hawks of the world.

One has to wonder, when was the last time we let a foreign leader set American foreign policy?

Onward Christian Soldiers

Hear ye, Here ye!!
With the new Tea Party congress in session rules regarding voting in American elections have been put forth.

In the future all citizens wishing to vote in federal elections will be required to provide proof of baptism.
This does not include one of those fake baptisms, where a priest makes the sign of the cross on you using “Holy” water.

This has to be a true born again baptism, one where you get dunked fully in the waters.
After all, it should be common knowledge by now, you are not a true Christian unless you have been born again and baptized properly.

American preacher, televangelist Joel Osteen has offered his services in baptizing the masses at only $35.00 each.
This will be offered in the months leading up to the 2016 primary elections. You can send a deposit (non-refundable) to the preacher Osteen at his River Oaks multi-million dollar mansion in River Oaks, TX.
This deposit will guarantee you a front of the line baptism and clean water in the tub you will be dunked in.
For an extra $40.00 you can receive your baptism in the river of your choice.*
*Travel expenses for the preacher will be assumed by the recipient.

So my friends, get your checks and money orders in now.
Save your soul and do something patriotic other than just killing a Muslim.
You’ll feel better, for sure.