When the Flags Stop Waving

When the Flags Stop Waving
And the crowds stop cheering
When the sun goes down
And the veterans go home

Then my friends
We shall all see the truth
We shall all see the suffering
We shall all see the agony

Another disabled vet
Cries silently in pain
The pain and the fear
Lives on in their lives

We can all join together
In showing our concern
We can donate our support
We can offer our love

But the fear lives on
In their hearts and minds
They will go to their graves
With a suffering soul

What have we done
With our eyes closed tight
To the really true cause
Of the suffering and pain
Of these young victims
Victims of our greed
Victims of our blind faith

We must now arise
We must say no more
No more will we stand by in silence
As the victims suffer
And the war mongers prosper

The oligarchs are calling
Again for our help
Their coffers are filled
With the profits of war

Now they come to the masses
Asking for more
With slick TV ads
And well known stars
They ask us again
To pay for their losses

Some should hang their heads in shame
For having sold out their souls
To the oligarchs that are asking
To be bailed out once more

Now the flags hang limp
The crowds they are thinning
It is time my friends
To say NO MORE!

Let the war profiteers
Pay for their sins


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