Should be Interesting for a few years

With the Koch brothers now in complete control of a majority of state governments and the legislative branch of the national government, we should expect some drastic changes.
In Michigan, Governor Snyder has shirked his responsibility and put aside a decision as to repairing the infrastructure until next spring. Snyder and the Republican controlled legislators have decided to put any difficult decisions up for a vote. (If the people are going to make the decisions, why do we need a government?)
IMHO this decision will be to not raise taxes to pay for road repairs and additional infrastructure maintenance. However a well-planned and aggressive advertising blitz may convince the voting public to do the governor’s job for him.

More interesting will be the goings on in Washington D.C. where the Koch brother’s legislative branch will set forth on their instructed efforts of dismantling the government.

They have such lofty goals as:
Removal of the minimum wage.
Make the United States a right to work (for less) nation
Privatize Social Security
Approval of the Keystone pipeline
Elimination of public education
Elimination of Medicare and Medicaid, you can swap chickens for health care
They will not touch the abortion issue as this will continue to be a strong get out the vote incentive.

It will be fun for us political junkies to watch closely, as President Obama uses his veto power on many of these controversial bills.
So my friends, get ready for a couple of raucous years.
And stay tuned for further developments. 😉


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