How Did We, as Americans, Get Our Heads so Far up Our Asses?

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This question comes from a couple of observations made on the internet recently.
A teacher posted a concern that in spite of her 9 percent pay cut she still had to spend most of her weekend grading papers and preparing study plans for next week.
There were many comments to this post, some complimentary, some not so nice.
The one that struck me hardest was a statement referring to the fact that the teachers union had taken it upon themselves to give their leaders substantial raises. The head of the union now earning somewhere around $300,000 annually.
What this has to do with the original post is beyond my comprehension, other than just to bash unions.
So now expanding on this a bit we come to the University Of Michigan’s recent contract with football coach Jim Harbough. A contract paying $5 million a year plus incentives.
I see reports in newspapers extolling the virtues of this action. Exclaiming with glee what this will do for ticket sales.
And this brings me to my question.
What were these public schools of higher education created for in the first place?
My thoughts are they were created to provide just that, a higher education for students. A public school for the public. Paid for with your and my tax dollars to insure the education of our brightest would be available to all who desired it.
Now it comes out that universities and colleges are getting a larger portion of their funding through tuition than through public funding.
“The numbers are stark, with the GAO saying that from fiscal years 2003-2012, “state funding decreased by 12 percent overall while median tuition rose 55 percent across all public colleges.””
Full report here….
So are we now paying taxes to provide us with the best bowl winning football team in America?
And is there any chance we can go back to providing the best education in the world?
Think about this my friends, and help me in my efforts at removing our asses from our rectums.


4 thoughts on “How Did We, as Americans, Get Our Heads so Far up Our Asses?

    • Education is the greatest profession, yet the American citizen has been led to believe public educators are a pox on our society. This is the result of years of propaganda by the Christian right and their supporters.


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