Democratic Brain Trust Hard at Work

The powers that be in the Democratic Party are continuing to crunch the numbers and examine the demographics of the recent election.
As of this morning they have determined they did indeed lose the election in a shameful manner.
But like they said, the numbers are not all in yet, they have no concrete idea as to what happened.
Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Democratic Senators and House Representatives are joining their Republican counterparts in supporting Wall Street demands at the disgust of true progressive Democrats.
In Michigan, Lon Johnson, heads up a party that also suffered humiliating defeat in many races. The lone positive being the election of Gary Peters to the Senate seat vacated by Carl Levin.
And to show his appreciation to all the good people that voted for him in November, Peters joins the Republicans in their effort to castrate the Dodd-Frank law. Another victory for Wall Street, another loss for Main Street. Peters, in his defense, points to senior senator Debbie Stabenow as also being a supporter of this Republican bill.
Lon Johnson and his gathering of intellectuals continue with their head scratching, searching for an answer as to why the people do not come out to vote.
Well golly gee, if you or anyone you know has any ideas, please write them down, put them in an envelope and mail them off to:

We really don’t give a shit what you say or want.
Lansing, MI 48933
C/O Lon Johnson, Michigan Democratic Party


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