Mitt Romney Bored?

Romney has confided with close associates that watching his wife’s Cadillac going up and down the elevator has lost its luster. This brings him no more joy than counting his money in the Cayman Islands.
Consequently he has decided to run for president again. What better way to bring attention to yourself than being a perennial presidential candidate?
While this action has created a stir in the Jeb Bush camp, resulting in increased efforts at tying up all the money in the universe for their campaign.

Chris Christie, still bemoaning the cowboys loss, has yet to come out from under the bridge and give us the word on current events. But by God, if you know what’s good for you, when he does you better listen!

The media is all aglow with the prospect of having dueling millionaires in the limelight. With that kind of money fighting it out, ad revenues should soar.

The radicals considering running have remained silent for the most part. With the exception of Rand Paul who has responded with a vicious attack at disabled citizens and military retirees calling them “gamers”. Not sure if this is a good approach but, he seems to think he is on the right track.
Happy Friday all.


2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Bored?

    • Right you are John. Much like George W. Bush had to show his daddy he was a man. Romney is trying to live up to his father’s dreams. In both cases the United States suffers to fill an ego-maniac’s wishes.


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