Having Troubles Wrapping my Head around This

Recently posted a blog asking how we, as Americans, got our heads so far up our asses.
That blog had to do with our tax dollars being spent in support of college football.
Today could bring forth the same question but in a different area of concern.
Awhile back there was much gnashing of teeth and public outcry over the beheading of American, British and French citizens by the militant group ISIS.
ISIS was considered to be the lowest scum of the earth for their heartless and cruel execution of these people. Worse than Osama bin Laden, worse than Genghis Kahn, worse than Idi Amin. Really bad dudes.

Now the American public has been shown the works of one of our snipers. A man that blew the heads off Iraqis, not with a machete but with a high powered rifle. According to the report/movie, some of these victims were women and children.
Yet this action has been extolled as being heroic. These people are not heroes, they are victims.

On Fox News Elizabeth Hasselbeck could hardly maintain her composure as she interviewed a sniper who bragged of 33 kills in just 4 months. Link here…. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/foxs-elisabeth-hasselbeck-gushes-over-sniper-killing-33-people-in-4-months-is-incredible/

Citizens of America leave the theatre with both joy and anger as exhibited in their tweets.
Scroll to the lower part of this link to see some of the racist tweets posted.

The propaganda put out by this film, directed by an old man that talks to chairs is outrageous.

As for me, this old man hangs his head in sorrow and disbelief.


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