Boehner Seeks Help from Foreign Head of State?


In an unprecedented move, speaker of the house John Boehner has asked for the help of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in corralling his congress critters.

Netanyahu is scheduled to lobby congress in March, does he have to register as a lobbyist for this action?

While this is a breach of protocol, the orange man is not deterred, his efforts at beating the drums of WAR will go on.

Secretary of State John Kerry has communicated from one of Israel’s top security analysts that installing more sanctions would be like throwing a hand grenade into the peace process.

But the Orangeman presses on. Given the number of John Birchers in our government this comes as no surprise.

This action is also expected to give Netanyahu a boost in his upcoming election, but that is just an added bonus for the hawks of the world.

One has to wonder, when was the last time we let a foreign leader set American foreign policy?


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