Ruffling the feathers of my fellow Democrats again


First case came when I posted a satirical blog declaring Obama was to serve a third term. This was shared on the Bill Mahar fan page on Facebook and resulted in angry responses from many. I had to go back and explain it was intended to be satire to calm the stormy waters.
Next came a post on a group I frequent, mostly just as a lurker, Democratic underground. Link below to my post.
Basically I said Obama won because he is black and if the Democrats want to hold the white house they have to run Hillary because she will win being a female. This brought out the anger and name calling. I was called a racist and a Rush Limbaugh wannabe, among other things.
My intention was to point out the fact that the Democratic party has lost the support of the masses in this country, they have no message that resonates with the general public enough to motivate them to get off their asses and vote. This disenchantment comes from many sources including main stream media and their biased reporting.
The third case came about when I posted on a page I have managerial control of, a question regarding running a primary candidate against Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow. This posting brought on a request to refrain from posting as the site itself. Asking me to post as an individual poster. I agreed with this request and should have done so. My intention here was to hold our elected officials feet to the fire, demand actions supporting ALL the people they represent not just the lobbyists that buy them.
Link to my Obama’s third term post here…
Link to my post in Democraticunderground.
Cannot find the page where I asked about running a candidate versus Debbie Stabenow, it may have been taken down, but it was for real and did get two negative and one positive response.


Scott Walker’s plan to take down ISIS

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has divulged his plan to take down ISIS. Using a method of divide and conquer he will pass a law giving ISIS members the right to not pay dues. This effort has proven successful in undermining unions and Walker is convinced it will work with the20,000 members of ISIS.
Walker also has a backup plan provided to him by the Koch brothers. This would include requiring picture IDs for any and all members wishing to behead any opponent. While this move is questionable, it does have hidden benefits.
Namely, photographers would reap massive profits from creating the ids. And if we have their pictures we can more easily identify them as bad guys.

Still cold in this part of the world, keep warm my friends, keep warm.

What do stories like this do to benefit mankind?

Book with “Dieu, la Loi, et le Roi” (“God, the law and the king”) on one page and the golden rule on the other, by Bernard d’Agesci.

These links and stories bring a sadness to my heart.
A link from a right wing friend had this…
In this case the author is bemoaning the death of a white teen at the hands of a black teen. Not actually the death but rather the fact that media did not go bonkers over the event. Insinuating, I suppose, that media looks askance at black on white crime while over playing white on black crime.
As you all should know by now, I am against any killing, even innocent critters in the fields.
But, the conservativetribune piece above appears to be not against the killing but more interested in pouring fuel on race relations in America. This type of action does absolutely nothing to advance or improve race relations and should be condemned.
And another site spoke of the recent death of Kayla Mueller in this way.
“No tears for the newly-departed Kayla Mueller, the ISIS hostage whose parents confirmed today that she is dead,” conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel wrote on TuesdayX, under the headline,
“Kayla Mueller: Dead ISIS Hostage Was Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch.”
More provoking of racial and ethnic hatred for sure.

Just today I received another meme. This one showing what appears to be a mid-eastern mother strapping a suicide vest on her young son. This came from a “minister” who apparently skipped school the day they were teaching Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
Do these people have no conscience? Or are they just too ignorant to know what they are doing?
Ignorance, in my opinion is not at fault here, rather a designed plan to foster anger and hatred among the races of the world. If we are fighting amongst ourselves we develop a blind eye to the real evils of the world. The oligarchs controlling us and our governments.
We must all join together to wrest control from these greedy thugs. Do not let them divide us!

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Michigan Republicans Shun Responsibility

In Michigan the Republicans took control of our state government some 4 years back when Rick Snyder was elected governor.
In that short time they have managed to create a $500 million deficit for the upcoming year. This was accomplished by cutting taxes for the wealthy few and convincing the general public that we had to do away with a tax on personal property.
Michigan’s roads, like most of the country, have been ignored for years. So what do the Republicans do?
In addition to increasing fees on many small businesses, they call for a ballot measure to increase the state sales tax. They fear the Grover Norquist branch of their party too much to do the right thing themselves.
The increase on fees to small businesses could possibly put Snyder on the do not dine here list at Tommy Brann’s restaurant in Wyoming Michigan that has banned Michael Moore and Seth Rogen, but that is another story.

This action ties in with Republican states nationwide in their efforts at taxing the poor to benefit the rich.

“A number of Republican-led states are considering tax changes that in many cases would have the effect of cutting taxes on the rich and raising them on the poor. While the bottom fifth of earners pay more than 10 percent of their income in state and local taxes, the top 1 percent pays closer to 5 percent, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy estimates.”
Link here….
There is a vote scheduled for May 5th of this year to raise the sales tax. The people supporting this vote are suggesting it will make for safer roads and as a bonus, some of the monies raised will go to the schools. If you believe that, money going to the schools, ask yourself, where did all that lottery money go?
This is a regressive tax that will create more suffering by the hard working, taxpaying middle class than on the affluent ones our state government is so concerned about.
So all my friends in Michigan, I am urging you to vote NO on this tax increase.
Force the bums in Lansing to do their job. (Not all the people in Lansing are bums, the good ones are in the minority.)

The War Profiteers are winning


Latest polls indicate the few and the mighty are again convincing the American public that it is a good idea to invest our young men and women in another mid-east war.
This comes from a coordinated effort by the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us of.
Corporate controlled main stream media have done their part, showing us daily the atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS.

The ISIS people are enjoying their success in getting America more involved in their civil war. American involvement increases their recruitments by immense amounts. They will now be fighting against the infidels from America rather than their Muslim brothers.

The moneys spent on this will again fill the coffers of the war manufactures in America. Based on that, it appears some think, if we can show a profit, a few more dead American troops is a worthwhile sacrifice.
Me? I think we are being used again. I think this is disgusting and do not want one more American soldier sacrificed for their profits.
Let the Saudis and the Iranians fight their own wars! Keep us the hell out of the mid-east.
No more crosses in our graveyards!