One Thing I Like About Hillary

Hillary Clinton the anointed one. The presumptive Democratic nominee for President in 2016.
Personally the thing that really thrills me about this lady is the way she makes the hair stand up on the back of the neck of right wing misogynists. 🙂
Having said that, let me share an item I just came across on Facebook. This story typifies the ignorance we are up against in our efforts at regaining control of our government from the Oligarchs.

This has to do with the power of the Koch brothers in controlling the minds of the masses.

A snip from the story here….
“I’m skeptical of government-run programs,” said Louis Stans, a retired engineer who was part of the AFP group. Medicare, Stans said, was “better” and he had “paid into it my whole life.”
Full story here……
As you can see it is a mighty hill we must climb. But climb we will my friends, climb we will!


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