Brian Williams Lied to Us

The networks and cable news are all aghast at this revelation. How could it be? Tell me it isn’t so. All these years we looked to Williams for truth in the news. He was destined to be the next Walter Cronkite.

Yeah really! Of all the lies we have been fed in recent years leading up to and during the Iraq war, Williams saying he was in a chopper shot down by enemy fire is but a kernel in a vast field of corn.

How many times did we see Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld or some other official in the Bush administration on national TV lying to us about the situation in Iraq?
And how many times did we see the talking heads on national and or local newscasts support those lies with their compliance?

We Americans bought into all this bullshit for years. Unfortunately, some still do. We were at the time more concerned with who was going to win Dancing with the Stars or who would be the remaining Survivor.

And we are still doing so, today’s news is all about Kayla Mueller a young American woman that was killed in an air raid on ISIS forces. This young lady was a humanitarian, giving her life in her lifetime goal of helping those less fortunate than her.

The newscasts today are all designed to stir up both sorrow and anger based on her death. But, keep in mind, Kayla devoted her life fighting against the suffering of the masses brought on by wars and greed. The last thing she would want would be more suffering.
In defiance of Kayla’s desires we will soon hear shouts of “send in the troops”.
The troops, bless their hearts, are but an afterthought in the grand scheme of things. We will patriotically send them off and proudly welcome them back, but do we really care about their welfare? The way we treat our veterans indicates otherwise.

So my friends let us all be thankful that we have The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the new Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore to provide us with THE REAL NEWS!
Watch these shows daily and react accordingly. The crosses we have planted in our graveyards are more than enough!


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