Oligarchs R US

Received a link via email this morning listing the top 16 Wall Street donors to politicians. My response to this email was a thank you.
The thank you included a statement confirming my opinion that our government is under the control of Wall Street and additional wealthy corporations/citizens of the world.
My friends, this includes both Democratic and Republican elected officials.
Some years back when the Occupy Wall Street movement was in its prime, I got involved at the local level.
Some of my friends on the right asked me “Why are you attacking Wall Street when the problem is in the government?”
My response was “No, the real problem lies in the control of our government by Wall Street.”
The link was provided by someone on the right and he made it a point to highlight the Democratic leaning donors. Hopefully he will open his mind enough to see the big picture and recognize the real problem.
Working together we can win back our government. It is a monumental task but we can do it.
Carry on my friends, carry on!
Link to donor information……
And from the same source….


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