Breaking News Alert!!!!

Will President Obama serve a third term?
This has been flying under the radar my friends so, listen up.
Behind closed doors in Washington D.C. there are rumblings and mumblings. There is whispering going on suggesting Obama has hidden in the war powers act a measure giving him a third term as president of the United States. No election required, the law will just appoint him to a third term.
Cable and public broadcasters are up in arms about the possibility of this taking place. Their money cow would be shot down for sure. They are fully aware of the millions of dollars in ad revenue they would lose should this take place. I mean, you can only sell so many boner pills.

In a related story rumors also abound suggesting approval of the TPP will result in the corporate powers of the world appointing Obama as…. Now get this, yes they will appoint Obama as KING of the World!
Be afraid my friends, be very afraid. The powers are taking over.
Oh, and have another nice day. 😉


7 thoughts on “Breaking News Alert!!!!

  1. This just what the right wing wacko’s need to hear. They have been saying since Obama was first elected and now even more so since his re-election, that he won’t step down in 2017 when the next President will be inaugurated. They also say he will take away all of their firearms. They also believe that at the same time he is a Muslim, a socialist, a Nazi, and a communist. They also believe, depending on what blog or 24 hr news show host or right wing nut talk radio show, that he was not born in the US. He was either born in Kenya or Indonesia. They still believe that his birth certificate is a forgery. They hate him because he is half African-American. Facts and logic don’t matter to these right wing nut jobs.


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