The War Profiteers are winning


Latest polls indicate the few and the mighty are again convincing the American public that it is a good idea to invest our young men and women in another mid-east war.
This comes from a coordinated effort by the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us of.
Corporate controlled main stream media have done their part, showing us daily the atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS.

The ISIS people are enjoying their success in getting America more involved in their civil war. American involvement increases their recruitments by immense amounts. They will now be fighting against the infidels from America rather than their Muslim brothers.

The moneys spent on this will again fill the coffers of the war manufactures in America. Based on that, it appears some think, if we can show a profit, a few more dead American troops is a worthwhile sacrifice.
Me? I think we are being used again. I think this is disgusting and do not want one more American soldier sacrificed for their profits.
Let the Saudis and the Iranians fight their own wars! Keep us the hell out of the mid-east.
No more crosses in our graveyards!


6 thoughts on “The War Profiteers are winning

  1. Since 9-11, 40 Americans have been killed by terrorists. In that same time American autos killed 190,000 and guns killed another 30 per day. If the purpose is to save lives why are we choosing to “fight” in the most expensive arena which also affects the fewest people, by far?

    Apparently there is no money to be made making cars safer or in restricting gun access to only very responsible people.

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  2. My comment is to pose a question: why are the American people as a whole so passive? The citizens of other countries actively oppose war in creative ways such as a refusal to pay taxes. Why do we just watch America’s continuing involvement in more and more wars as though we were watching a TV show?


    • Thanks Lesley, some of the passivity comes from the Americans being so far removed from the war. We are watching dancing with the stars while our troops are being killed. We are kept in the dark.


      • I think that we are not kept in the dark as much as we seek out the dark as an excuse not to become involved. I have friends in Europe who were more involved in our bombing of Kuwait and Viet Nam than we were. There does seem to be an innate passivity currently being reenforced by so many Americans being worked to death in low wage jobs (or multiple jobs) and an educational system which fosters conformity and obedience.

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