Ruffling the feathers of my fellow Democrats again


First case came when I posted a satirical blog declaring Obama was to serve a third term. This was shared on the Bill Mahar fan page on Facebook and resulted in angry responses from many. I had to go back and explain it was intended to be satire to calm the stormy waters.
Next came a post on a group I frequent, mostly just as a lurker, Democratic underground. Link below to my post.
Basically I said Obama won because he is black and if the Democrats want to hold the white house they have to run Hillary because she will win being a female. This brought out the anger and name calling. I was called a racist and a Rush Limbaugh wannabe, among other things.
My intention was to point out the fact that the Democratic party has lost the support of the masses in this country, they have no message that resonates with the general public enough to motivate them to get off their asses and vote. This disenchantment comes from many sources including main stream media and their biased reporting.
The third case came about when I posted on a page I have managerial control of, a question regarding running a primary candidate against Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow. This posting brought on a request to refrain from posting as the site itself. Asking me to post as an individual poster. I agreed with this request and should have done so. My intention here was to hold our elected officials feet to the fire, demand actions supporting ALL the people they represent not just the lobbyists that buy them.
Link to my Obama’s third term post here…
Link to my post in Democraticunderground.
Cannot find the page where I asked about running a candidate versus Debbie Stabenow, it may have been taken down, but it was for real and did get two negative and one positive response.


9 thoughts on “Ruffling the feathers of my fellow Democrats again

      • I don;t know if this happens for everyone, but all names in your posts are blanked out (redacted). I don’t know which names since they are blanked out! There is a white band over any names in your posts.


      • Now here’s a weird one: in your reply, the name Debbie Stabenow is the only one blanked out on your Random Thoughts page, but all names appear in your email response. Maybe personal (not famous) names are the ones being redacted ….. ? Don’t know.


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