Indiana sets identity rules

indiana is working on a program designed to make it easier for bigoted shop keepers to maintain purity in their shops. They are requiring all citizens get a tattoo on their foreheads designating their sexual preference. A simple S for straight and a G for gay will suffice. 

Visitors will be stopped at the boarders and given a Velcro sticker denoting their status. 

This is just the beginning, future plans call for marking Jews with a star for possible restrictions. (Jews did kill Jesus)

Minorities are currently being discriminated against just based on skin color, no changes are being considered at this time for this group. 

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Indiana Governor Pence signs anti-gay law

More to this story than meets the eye. Pence is in contact with Iran in an effort to make it illegal to be gay in Indiana. He is seeking a way to make it similar to Iran’s law declaring homosexuality a crime punishable with the death penalty.
Pence is hoping getting this legislation in force will give Indiana a chance at catching Texas as the state holding the record for killing the most of its own citizens.
A lofty goal for the good people of Indiana don’t you think?
Republican governors from Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin have expressed their support for Pence, and are hoping to get similar laws passed in their states.
CNN coverage of Indiana’s new anti-gay law.
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Let’s Paint the World with Peace and Joy

I like this, hope you do too.

Voices from the Margins

aadi and crocus

Carol A. Hand

Someday I’ll tell you a story
But I don’t know how to start
Should I lead with my intellect
Or speak from my heart?

Will you see me as arrogant
Or understand I’m shy
That I’m just a little different
And I really don’t know why?

I’m more comfortable in nature
Singing with brooks and talking to trees
Speaking with people
Never puts me at ease.

But I’m here for a purpose
And I know that you are too
To learn to live in peace with others
That’s what I try to do.

I wish I could say it’s simple
But that ideal’s so hard to reach
It takes suffering and discipline
To have something meaningful to teach.

It takes listening deeply to others
And caring about what they say
It takes listening to our hearts and dreams
And being present now, each and every day.


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Slipping Support For Bill C-51

Here is a tale of woe, our northern neighbors are being messed with by war profiteers also.


Oh Stephen Harper, has it crossed your mind Canadians are on to you? You’ve had a good run, managing to forsake rights of first nations, women, environment and veterans with admirably callous disregard. Your vision of my Canada as “warrior nation” allowed you to dabble in sand boxes of true war mongers. Alienating the United Nations, insisting our military fly in the face of front-line conflict, strutting about like a holier than thou defender of morality – all the while, banking on polite Canadians to roll over and thank you for making Canada a “warrior nation”.

Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson spoke in Ottawa today, imploring Commons support for Harper’s intended expansion of Canadian military in Syria and Iraq. Despite parliamentary approval last year of six months participation in a U.S. led coalition of air strikes against ISIL in Iraq (expires on April 7), NDP and Liberal members are less…

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A Few Thoughts This Morning

First, Netanyahu, the right wing war profiteer won the election in Israel. He did so by using a play right out of the American Republican’s play book. Racist fear mongering. “They are bussing Arabs to the polls.”

Next thought. The mega churches are a shame. Joel Osteen has a 10.5 million dollar home in Texas. Pastor Creflo A. Dollar has just asked for donations for a super jet. And there are others in this group.

These characters are preying on the poor and the suffering. Offering them some sort of salvation in return for their grocery money. This is disgusting to me and I urge you to join me in complaining to the world about this.

Third thought is a warning to all. The pictured person below has been spotted lurking around mailboxes of seniors in America. It has been suggested he is doing so in an attempt to steal their Social Security checks. Beware and keep your eyes open looking for this guy.

The next picture is of a guy rumored to have been working, much like a pastor mentioned above, in getting the masses to pay additional taxes on their heat bills and all other needed expenses in order to protect the wealth of the few and the mighty.

This person should also be viewed with skepticism and fear.
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for political junkies today

Looking at this map one can see the results do not actually reflect the wishes of Michigan voters and have not for years.
This brings us to gerrymandered Presidential Elections
Another ploy being used by the Republicans in Michigan to “steal” presidential electoral votes is a bill to award electoral votes based on congressional districts.
If this had been in place during the last presidential election, Romney would have won 9 of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes despite the fact that Obama won the state by nearly 450,000 votes.
IMHO electoral votes should be disbanded and popular vote should be the deciding factor.
However, if you want to award votes based on congressional districts, let us redistrict the state(s) using a method I recently read about.
The method involves drawing a straight line utilizing the shortest distance that will divide the state into two equal populations. Continue this process until the proper number of districts have been created.
No demographics involved just population and must use shortest line. This would give us districts of equal populations and most likely equally divided in political persuasion.
Just something to think about for my political junkie friends today.
Here is a link to a site detailing the straight line method of redistricting…

In Response to Lee, In response to friends that vote Republican

Lee, you have misunderstood my words. I do not think anyone that owns a business is a millionaire. Republican, very likely?
Yes I know we need businesses to employ the middle class as much as business’s need the middle class to perform the duties required to produce the products/services.
Employees do share in the losses. I know of no business that when faced with hard times does not cut employees hours, benefits or simply lay them off. So do not tell me your employees are not taking a risk.
As for running a business.
Forty some years ago I quit my steady job and struck out on my own in business. I had a small amount of money saved and a small amount of financial support from family members. I was starting out cold, I did not inherit an already profitable company.
Unfortunately my savings ran dry after about three years. While the business was getting by, the growth anticipated had not arrived yet and the income was not enough to survive. And then there was a strike at General Motors further depressing business activity in my area. Having a large family to support I was searching for a way out.
I met a friend from high school days in a restaurant. Over coffee we were discussing our lots in life. He told me he got his associates degree from the local college and after serving time in the military he went to work for General Motors where he was earning $XXXX a month.
This got me thinking, here I was struggling to feed and clothe my family, working 12 to 16 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week and making less than this guy who worked 40 hours a week…. and he got paid health insurance coverage too!
Wasn’t long before I gave up my independence and went to work for General Motors. I worked for them for near 30 years as a SALARIED employee.
Upon reaching the age of 30 I was asked to sign up for “part B” of the retirement program. A program designed to supplement retirement for salaried employees at GM. At first I declined as they only paid 1 percent interest on our contributions and felt I could get a better return investing elsewhere. The HR man told me “Well, if you do not sign up for this, you will not be getting health insurance coverage when you retire.” Looking back, I should have gotten this in writing, but I trusted my employer. And decided to take the risk of investing at a lower rate in expectation of getting a better return upon retirement.
After a few years of retirement my health insurance coverage was stopped. They gave us all some additional money in our pensions to cover this loss. Today the additional money covers almost 50 percent of my health insurance premiums. And General Motors continues to make massive profits.
This is more personal than my normal blogs and quite lengthy but there is no other way to answer your questions.
In the next few days I will try to address additional points you made in your comment but for now this is enough.
Good Day.
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