America’s Real Fears !!

Much has been broadcast in recent network and cable news outlets regarding ISIS and the threats they impose on America. It is blasted at us on an almost daily basis.

Well listen up my friends, we do have things to fear in America. Things that are much more fearful than the 20,000 or so Sunni fanatics raising hell in the Mideast.

Number one fear should be the semi-stable neighbor that has an arsenal in his spare bedroom. They are out there my friends and they are in your neighborhood. They have the full support of the NRA and to a lesser extent the Republicans. This does not excuse the Democrats, they also fear the NRA and remain silent on the issue of gun control.

Another fear would be the various radical groups that have grown in both number and support since Obama was first elected president.

The Oath Keepers is just one of these groups and should bring fear to all. This group of current and former military and law enforcement officers believe they can disobey any orders given if they violate the U.S. Constitution. Based on their interpretation of the constitution. This group falls in line with Libertarian thoughts that the Federal Government is an evil empire. A thought that received the support of Saint Ronnie. “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is our problem.”

In the small community of Oakley, Michigan the local police chief came up with a novel method of funding his force. He sold police reserve status to people for various amounts of money. This reserve police status gave the holders the right to carry concealed in areas otherwise off limits. Churches, schools and any other restricted location.

This is still being investigated but the thought of various people with various backgrounds entering churches and schools with concealed weapons brings fear to me.

The SPLC has identified 939 active hate groups in America in 2013. My home state, Michigan has 18 such groups and one of the group’s leaders has been elected to our state congress. On the Republican ticket, if that makes a difference.

Here is a link to the listing of groups if you want to look up one in your neighborhood. 😉

So in conclusion let me say. Yes we do have things to fear in America and the fears we should be focusing on are the threats from within. The mid-east should be left to settle their problems, we must work on the cancer within our boundaries.

A couple of interesting side notes here.

The identities of the reserve police of Oakley, Mi. are currently not being released. They claim fear of ISIS attacks is the reason for their desired secrecy????

In talking to a lady last week regarding the growth of hate groups in America she replied. “Democrats started the KKK.”?????


5 thoughts on “America’s Real Fears !!

    • John, The family controlling Saudi Arabia has more wealth than many countries in this world, they have the largest military force in the mid-east. And yet we have flag waving pseudo patriots in America urging us to increase our involvement in the mid-east. This is bullshit and it really pisses me off. There, now I feel better. 🙂

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  1. Well, of course Democrats did likely start the KKK and Lincoln was a Republican.

    And man will never fly.

    I agree with you, Larry. These groups are more dangerous to the homeland than ISIS,

    What do we do about it?

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    • Revjmike, a few things come to mind. 1. support SPLC. 2. share the information in an effort to get more support from the masses. Expose these groups for what they really are at every possible chance.


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