DOJ finds pattern of racial bias in Ferguson Police Dept.

Who woulda thunk?
Responses to this report have been varied:
Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts is reported to have said. “I told you racism is no longer valid in this country, now don’t make me look like a fool.”
Many comments from Fox including:
Megan Kelly responded with “But Santa is white.”
Bill O’Reilly “I will write a book about my experiences growing up in Ferguson, soon.”
Elizabeth Hasselbeck “The police are being miss-treated and should be respected.”

In Washington John Boehner has called for defunding the Department of Justice until they get to the root of the problem.

Representative Darrell Issa has found a tie between the minorities in Ferguson and Benghazi, he is calling for a congressional investigation.

In Ferguson the courts have issued a bench warrant for Eric Holder; they know he has done something wrong. Not exactly sure what, but declare they can tell by just looking at him that he is guilty of something?

Link to news report….

As for me, hearing of this activity 50 years after Selma, fills me with disgust.
What a sad place we are in.


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